Pokémon GO Mandala (1)








Colorful Mandalas * mostly pink and purple







Carnival 2016! É Carnaval 🎉👀🎼


Welcome to Rio de Janeiro!



Tem coisas que a gente faz e depois fica olhando, meio sem saber o que produziu.

Estes mandalas foram algo assim.

Bom dia.

digital art


digital art


Congrats, America!





Almost Complementary Colors







The Secret of the Golden Flower



The Secret of the Golden Flower (CLICK) 

The link takes a little too long to open, but don’t give up. 

Great chinese text, translated by Richard Wilhelm with commentary by C.G.Jung.



Good morning, sun!

Sun-of-a-beach 🙂


Techno- Buddhist-Mandala

Original and gorgeous



Not so gorgeous…